The Thursday Cafe

We open our doors on a Thursday morning at 8.45am!!

This event restarted on 2/9/21!

The morning runs in the style of a café with a volunteer team. £1 for a cup of coffee or tea and a cookie. There will be an area for pre-school children to play.

For several years Box Methodist Church has opened its doors on a Thursday morning between 10 and 12 noon for those wanting a cuppa and a bit of company. Most Thursdays have seen between 15 and 30 people coming through the door. Friendships have been formed over the years, and many have found the morning a lifeline especially during tough times.

Now we want to extend the welcome to more of our village community by opening earlier. Mums (and Dads and Grandparents) can pop in and find a few moments in their busy day to sit down, have a hot drink made for them by one of our team and have a breather. Being a parent/carer of young children can be exhausting and often there is little time for even a cuppa, let alone someone else around to make that drink for you!

Today families are so often fragmented and scattered far and wide. Young parents do not necessarily have their own extended families living close by to help support them. We are hoping that our café will become a place where people can receive that support.