Discussion Group

We meet at the church on the 2nd Tuesday in the month, 11.00 – 12.00ish.

Compass Point

Responding to the Gospel:

Compass Point is our lively monthly discussion group. We explore all aspects of the Christian faith with opportunities throughout to discuss, reflect and question in the context of a small group, usually led by our Minister, Rev. Simon. Everyone is welcome.

Here is our list of discussion topics for autumn/winter 2023/24:

12th September:
Can Christians believe in evolution?

10th October:
How can I grow in the fruit of the Spirit?

14th November:
What are the gifts of the Spirit?

12th December:
What do we know about Jesus’ childhood?

10th January:
What was the transfiguration of Jesus?

13th February:
How can I please God?
12th March:
How should we pray?
9th April:
What is fasting?
14th May:
What is meditation?
11th June:
What’s God’s will for me?
9th July:
The problem of suffering in the Book of Job