The Creation Tapestries

Mr. Michael Rumsey has been a church member for over six decades, as well as our organist for the past fifty years.

Michael, an expert embroiderer as well as musician, spent over one full year making six beautiful tapestries.
Each one depicts an impression of the days of the Creation, inspired by the powerful, poetic and moving passages from Genesis, the first book of the Bible.

The works have been framed and are on permanent display around the walls of the church. You are welcome to come and admire them. See the Services, Regular Events and Special Events pages to find out when the Church is open.

Technical details: The six tapestries were designed by Alex Beattie and each measures 17 inches x 17.5 inches, a total of 297 square inches per canvas. Each square inch has 144 stiches, giving a total per canvas of 42,840 stitches and thus for the complete set a total of 257,040 stitches. It took a year to complete the six tapestries. Right Angle Framing of the High Street, Corsham, undertook to stretch and frame each one. The cost of the framing was covered by kind donations from members and friends of the congregation. The creation tapestries were Dedicated by the Rev. Elizabeth Kirova on Palm Sunday, March 28th 2018 during the morning service.
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